Thor Erik King

Executive Summary: I write software. You can find it here (most recent snapshot): — download & read CARGO-MANIFEST.TXT first for a description of each archive’s contents.

and here (previous snapshots, until I encounter MediaFire’s disk quota, whereupon they’ll be wiped immediately):

(There might be some stuff in there that isn’t mine.)


I am a male computer programmer in my thirties. I collect art from the World Wide Web and occasionally write software or record the results of experiments. I’m not very imaginative or thoughtful at all; people regularly call me “retarded” and “brain-damaged;” therefore, I don’t always write. But, when I do, I write XXX TODO FIXME TESTME MALFUNCTIONS README NB SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

I live at 1433 Flannigan Creek Road, Viola, ID 83872, where I eat worms and participate in arcane rituals to devour the pure souls of innocent children. If you are an innocent child, and would like to sacrifice your immortal soul; or if you know an innocent child who does; here is my card:

| Author: MLPTK, AFURACC, Quadrare Lexema.                             |
|             Thor Erik King ("Yawnie")                                |
|     |
|                     |
|                      |
|                      |
|                          |
|                                |
|                                     |
|             1433 Flannigan Creek Road,                               |
|             Viola, ID 83872                                          |
|             United States of America                                 |
| Formerly: PwnageElemental, VixitheBMoEG, onepoint5pie, ....          |

I deal only in lawful and binding metaphysical transactions. If you know an innocent child whose soul was forfeit in an unenforceable contract, or was victimized in some other way, drop a line to Scruff McGruff (Chicago, Illinois 60652) and take a bite out of crime.

The author lives in scenic Idaho, where he spends his days asleep and his nights
shipping furry slash fiction in thirty two languages.

Thor, 30, has written for two decades, pausing occasionally to pick his nose.

In his copious spare time, he keys source code using only his left pinky toe.

Unless a massive government conspiracy hangs like a thunderhead over your entire
way of life, you may be able to reach him at these additional locations:

         │ Thor King                               │
         │ 1433 Flannigan Creek Road               │
         │ Viola, ID 83872                         │
         │ United States of America                │
         │                                         │
         │                 │
         │ │
         │  │
         │  │

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